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Small flows tend to cling to the sides of the pipe, but large ones form a slug of waste as they drop. The trapways on Kohler toilets are designed larger than the minimum requirements set by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI. https://ceramicninja.com/water-closet-wc-definition-meaning Its name relates to “water closet,” a term used by plumbers to mean the commode. (1) Water Closets. Closet Bend: curved fitting located under the toilet connecting it to the drain. FLAPPER Part of the flush valve that seals water inside the toilet tank or allows passage of water into the toilet bowl during the flush cycle. The size and arrangement of the standard toilet stall shall comply with 4.17.3 and Fig. The flow of water in a soil pipe varies according to the fixtures being used. ICC Digital Codes is the largest provider of model codes, custom codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. (Effective January 1, 2020) *Rename and revise the definition of ‘Fixture Fitting’ to read as follows: PLUMBING FIXTURE FITTING. The closet bend is a primary part of the commode drainage system. Closet Flange: ring used to anchor a toilet and connects to the closet bend; sometimes called a floor flange. A device that controls and directs the flow of water or conveys sanitary waste. A flush toilet (also known as a flushing toilet, water closet (WC) – see also toilet names) is a toilet that disposes of human waste (urine and feces) by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal, thus maintaining a separation between humans and their waste. Water closet definition, an enclosed room or compartment containing a toilet bowl fitted with a mechanism for flushing. 30(a), Standard Stall, except that the centerline of water closets shall be 12 in minimum to 18 in maximum (305 mm to 604.2 Location. Realtor.com considers water closets an advantage for selling a home because it makes life simpler for families. A closet bend is a 90-degree toilet … The trapway is the drain path inside the toilet that water follows to reach the floor's waste outlet. Water Usage For Plumbing Fixtures1 Water closets, flushometer tank or close- coupled 2-piece gravity-flush type 1.6 gal/flush Water closets, one-piece 1.6 gal/flush Water closets, nonresidential application 3.5 gal/flush Urinals 1.0 gal/flush 1 gpm = 0.0631 L/s 1 gallon = 3.7854 L Note: 1. Broad term in plumbing/kitchen/bath that could be an entire toilet, sink, tub, etc OR it could be the devices that provide a supply of water. The water closet shall be positioned with a wall or partition to the rear and to one side. (2) Size and Arrangement. See more. Today’s larger home has seen a return of the water closet proper. The Modern Water Closet. Water closets in accessible stalls shall comply with 4.16.7. Flow Control Valve: device which can reduce costs and improve efficiency by reducing the water flow to a plumbing fixture. As this slug of water falls down the pipe the air in … A lavatory gives a small flow and a water closet a large flow. bidet, bathtub, shower, urinal, toilet, water closet or drinking water fountain. In general, this larger size …

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